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Knowledge is power. Discover new treatment options and the stay in the know on latest research for your condition.

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Make an educated decision on your medication options.

  • What is this treatment?

    Understand what each treatment is about and how it impacts your disease.

  • Is this treatment for you?

    Understand which treatment would be ideal for you.

  • What should you expect?

    Learn about where you can join and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Fight for a Better Future

More than managing your symptoms, fight the disease. Join thousands of other patients working with doctors to find better, safer alternatives to current on-the-market medications.

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World-class doctors are working together to find new, safer alternatives to current on-the-market medications. Find emerging treatment options in your city.



Take a proactive approach to your treatment. Know your options and learn more about the ones applicable to you. Speak with our dedicated Care Team through our online chat, by email or by calling 1-800-794-6031.

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Finding a treatment that works for you is essential to living a full life. Work with highly esteemed Doctors at advanced facilities. Many emerging treatment options come at no cost and may even offer compensation and travel reimbursement.