Our mission is to transform patients' access to new treatment options to improve their health and accelerate research to find cures.

The search for new treatments and cures progresses at a glacial pace, starving many patients of the opportunity to have better treatments and cures in their lifetime. We are changing this by connecting patients with the cutting-edge treatments options that are available to them through research. By making this connection simple for patients and simple for doctors, we will find cures faster.

Our passion for empowering patients, our decades of experience in clinical research and our expertise with technology are enabling us to break down the barriers in research. With a community of over 30,000 patients and doctors rallying with us, we are not the only ones excited about our mission.

- Darren Bounds, CEO

Our Team

Darren bounds

Darren Bounds Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr brian bressler

Dr. Brian Bressler Co Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Angel pui

Angel Pui Co Founder & Chief Product/Marketing Officer

Kevin chua

Kevin Chua Product Designer

Mandy pui

Mandy Pui Account & Community Manager

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Riley Stonehouse Software Engineer

Content Contributing Team

Dr yvette leung

Dr. Yvette Leung Gastroenterologist

Dr greg rosenfeld

Dr. Greg Rosenfeld Gastroenterologist

Dr nancy fu

Dr. Nancy Fu Gastroenterologist

Ashley charlebois

Ashley Charlebois Registered Dietitian

Dr ahmer karimuddin

Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin Gastroenterologist

Dr gil kaplan

Dr. Gil Kaplan Gastroenterologist

Dr peter higgins

Dr. Peter Higgins Gastroenterologist